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Security is at our core, and that's why we developed cobWEB. cobWEB is the culmination of over a year of hard work, an unparalleled attention to detail and the drive to create something never before seen. A true network security suite for professionals. Coming soon.

Insanely Powerful

cobWEB is over 5x faster than LOIC at executing UDP packet stress tests and consistantly outperforms every other network stress tester on the market.

Incredibly Intuitive

Detailed documentation, a dedicated support line and a great interface make cobWEB the most user friendly network security tool on Earth, hands down.

Super Secure

As security becomes more of a priority online, cobWEB offers a leading text cipher and file encryption module with a highly secure algorithim to keep your data safe.

Highly Valuable

cobWEB ships with loads of powerful modules for testing security locally or over a network. Over 25 are packed into cobWEB to make the best security tool imaginable.

Empoweringly Versatile

From mail and SMS flood modules to text and file encryption to network stressers and everything in between, cobWEB can be applied to almost any network environment.

Meticulously Maintained

cobWEB is maintained to a level matched second-to-none. Not only are frequent minor updates released to correct bugs, but we're constantly adding new features, for free.

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Our Goals

  • “We want to create awesome experiences and enrich lives through the power of an open internet and the drive to be at the forefront of secure, privacy-conscious software and hosting innovations.”

    — Our Mission

  • “We envision a world where all people have opportunity and the power to create change though innovative, decentralised technologies.”

    — Our Vision